Monday, 16 February 2009

Travel by Numbers 8: Berlin - Ghent

Distance: eight hundred kilometres
Duration: seven hours fifteen minutes
Idiot drivers: none

This is the same trip I did in December (check Travel by Numbers 2). This time it took me slightly longer because this time the van is full.

One very bizarre thing happened though: as I was passing Bielefeld, I was overtaken by a fleet of police vans. One hour later, passing Recklinghausen, another convoy passed me. They weren't the same ones - these ones all had Recklinghausen licence plates. Half an hour later: another 10 police vans. This time from Gelsenkirchen, and these ones all had little blue flags attached to the front of their vans.


Tomorrow I will go on the fantastic Eurotunnel again. It's the best thing about going to the UK. I get to drive the car on the train and sit in it while I get driven under the North Sea.

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David said...

Grete suggests the police vans may have something to do with Football matches taking place.