Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Warwick west of the middle

We've now played two performances at the Warwick Arts Centre and so far so good.
Last night was a very warm crowd, who stayed behind for a Q&A session. This morning we played for house full of students and it was great fun too.

Our two hour get-in seemed ridiculous compared to the two day get-in Kneehigh is doing next door in the main house. Our beloved blue Caravelle also looked tiny next to their trailer.
They have the most enormous amount of stuff and part of me wonders if that's really necessary. As they're playing tonight (like we are), I won't be able to go and check if it is really necessary, so I'll just assume it must be.

The hotel we are in looks like it was used for Twin Peaks. It has dark wooden corridors leading to a variety of meeting rooms, dining rooms, breakfast rooms, ball rooms, pool rooms, and any other rooms you might need in a hotel. It boasts about parking for 500 cars (I'm a bit dubious about that, but can't be bothered to count), and everything about it says '70s.

In my bathroom there are a set of very strict health and safety rules:

at the edge of the bath on eye level:

above the toilet:

and as a summary above the middle of the bath:

So I'll try to be careful, as there must be a reason for all this caution.

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