Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Asker prep week

We moved into the rehearsal space in Asker, and in true NIE style it only took us half an hour to make a mess and feel at home. Also in true NIE style we've been playing a lot of volleyball.

It's great to have a week to really look at the show and work on it before going to Edinburgh, as over there there will be no space or time to adjust anything.

The school we rehearse in is across the road from Kjell and Iva's house, so we're all staying there and have lunch and dinner there (in the garden if the weather's ok).

On Monday our new tour kit arrived: it is beyond me why flightcases would be wrapped for transport, but they were: two cases for the set and two guitar cases.

On Saturday we will play a lo-fi version of the show for some friends and then we're off to the Fringe Festival.

As I'm writing this, Sasha lost his first tooth. He will be 5 on Sunday, so there will be a big party then.

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