Saturday, 25 July 2009

Edniburgh here we come!

Holidays are over. I could tell you many stories of my holiday in the land of the golden smiles, but this is not my blog, it is NIE's blog. But to keep up traditions: I now sport an Uzbek haircut, which you can come and see at the Pleasance Two every day at 5.30pm.

If you want to see stories or hear photographs (I've just travelled for about 14 hours...), I've learnt a lot about bribes. So come and find me at The Pleasance, watch the show and afterwards I will show and tell. If you buy me a coffee. Or a beer. Or dinner. Or a Vespa Scooter.
If you buy me a Vespa Scooter, I might let you cut my hair and then you will appear in the International Haircut section of this blog.

So tomorrow we will all join in Oslo to spend a week rehearsing My Life With the Dogs so it's in top shape for the Fringe festival.

I must say it's cold in Europe...

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