Wednesday, 1 July 2009


We're back on the Schönbrunn in Linz, and this time it is boiling hot.
Last time we kept complaining about how cold it got on the boat, now we're complaining about the heat. But the complaints are not real: we're all happy to be back on board. I think we have the best venue in the whole Schäxpir festival.

Together with some helping hands from the festival we turned the boat back into hours, moved all the furniture, raised our flags and did a run through of the show.

Yesterday we played our first to shows, to two very lively audiences. We're sold out for the entire festival, so all three performances we played so far (two yesterday, one this morning) were very full.

It's been great to hang out with old friends from other companies, and some of us have already had a chance to go and see other performances.

Apart from the very exciting and very full schedule of Schäxpir, Linz09 has also added to the fun by mounting a ferris wheel on top of a carpark in the middle of town.

We checked it out last night and re-checked it out this afternoon. The ferris wheel is scary: it goes faster than you'd expect it to go and it rocks a fair amount. But it's great fun.

Last night I went with Mago.

We could almost touch the towers of the Ursulinenhof

Today we took Nora up there, slightly against her will...

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