Monday, 9 November 2009

I get a headstart

As I am slower, I get to start the Sea Journey two days ahead of everyone else. I also get an additional boat journey in order to start the enormous boat journey.
This is because I go via Oslo.
You may have read before that I tend to go almost everywhere via Oslo. It's a shortcut very few people know about, mainly because in reality it's a longcut (my spellcheck says that that word doesn't exist, but I think it should).
Why I often go via Oslo is of no importance. It is not a smuggling route, and I don't travel with a salmon.

What is important is that when I step out of my front door in twenty minutes, I am heading for our Atlantic crossing on board the CMA CGM Fort St. Louis, a cargo ship.
Destination Martinique.
I am carrying two cameras, a pair of binoculars, a stack of books, a clarinet and a couple of boxes of seasick pills. The singing saw is too big for my suitcase and I like it too much to risk having it confiscated at the airport.

My journey towards Le Havre includes a car, a boat, a plane and a train. I will make you a visual aid tomorrow.

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