Sunday, 29 November 2009

The Voyage: Monday November 23

Position: 22°32'7.02"N 47°42'49.42"W

It's getting very hot now.
After breakfast we sat down together to make a schedule for our final two days on board. There were still some stories to be told, and some responses to Sjón's letters to be made. The responses to Sjón were to be in theatrical form. The last stories could either be merged into the reply to Sjón's letters, or told separately.
So we made a list. Inside our schedule we made time for a visit to the engine room. In two groups.

Alex started with his response to Sjón's letter. It involved getting Dave into the pool fully dressed.

After lunch I gave my answer to Sjón's letter, and then it was time for the engine room. One group went down, the rest of us when to the bow to watch the flying fish.

At 4pm it was our turn.

It was big, loud and hot.

We all met up again at 5pm on the bow, to record some music for future rehearsals.

At 6pm, Tom and Kieran played out their response to Sjón, and some of it raised some eyebrows with the cadet who happened to pass through the corridor. Kieran in blue overalls chained up to the sink in the communal toilet might not have been an everyday sight to the 17-year-old trainee. He smiled politely and walked on.

After dinner David held a lecture about sea monsters and Margit told us her last story in the dark, next to the bridge. When I say dark, I mean dark. She showed us all a little sculpture made out of a whale tooth, but we had to go downstairs to be able to see it. There is no light upstairs because otherwise the guys on the bridge would have trouble watching the sea and potential other vessels.

The dark is great for stargazing, though. But the movement of the boat is not so good for slow exposure photographs, so you'll have to imagine a picture of the stars.

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