Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Day 1 at Kanonhallen

Day one of our week at Kanonhallen and this is what we woke up to: winter-wonder-land.
Alex explained to me that there are 3 phases to experiencing snow:
  1. you find it all magical and beautiful
  2. you find it annoying because it interferes with plans of transport
  3. it's magical and beautiful again
Alex went from 1 to 3 in about half an hour.

When we got back into the space we saw that Honza had almost finished the seminar side of the space, which made it all look very real and very beautiful. The 108 lightbulbs were definitely worth the hours of wiring.
Tom's bar looks like it'll be a neverending project: it looks fantastic and I would say it's finished, but every now and then I catch him adding some more detail to it. I have a feeling this may be happening until we leave.

We did a run through and rehearsed some scenes, Krister cooked lunch for us (what luxury), we tidied up the space and played our Chinese game to warm up for the show.

After the show we sat down together over a few drinks. A lot to celebrate: Siri's birthday, first show down, the space looks like it's ours, etc etc etc.

All of a sudden some strange masks came out.

This is the end of the evening. NIE is growing bigger (this is not yet all of us but I'd like to find a moment to do a proper NIE photograph), and today we will be joined by friends from all over Europe.

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