Saturday, 17 January 2009

It's weekend

Wednesday was the last day to rehearse without lights, as on Thursday we were getting the lift to rig everything. We did some music rehearsals, and worked some more on the changes we made since we played the show in Cambridge (about which I will still not say any more - I even have a video I won't post until after we've played the shows).

On Thursday, we had the most beautiful start of the day:

And when we got to Kanonhallen, the lift had been delivered, so we could really set everything up like we wanted, only we were missing one truss, so that had to go up. The boys joined up the pieces.

In the meanwhile, Honza had arrived from Prague. He's responsible for the seminar space. He brought 108 lightbulbs with him and is planning to make a spectacular display. From Monday onwards, we won't be using the striplights at all.

This was a very scary bit: we had to take the truss up, balanced on top of the lift, and put it into the right position. Next Friday we'll have to take it down again. If you want to witness it, you know where to find us...

And yesterday we could rehearse the way it's supposed to be.

I can't wait now for this all to kick off. As of Monday night, it'll be a rollercoaster of fun, excitement, maybe also a little bit of nerves and stress, but it'll be fantastic to see all of those people we've met all over Europe over the past decade.

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