Saturday, 31 January 2009

NIE in Italy

So here we are at last: after so many years of never touring any of the Mediterranean countries, we finally arrived in Parma. The theatre is in the middle of a park, which is very nice. On Thursday we did the get-in and rehearsed with the subtitles. Flavia and Marina from the theatre were there to check if it was all ok, whether the titles weren't going to fast, whether there were any mistakes in them, and so on. It all went well.

In the evening we went to a restaurant recommended to us by Flavia. It was amazing. We had antipasti of all sorts of ham (Parma ham), then moved on to the primi piatti, and stopped before we got hit by the secundi piatti - we already felt we'd eaten enough.

But we'd all left some space for the desert, as we'd been watching the desert trolleys all evening and we all knew we'd have to try at least one of them.

Tom went for the zuppa inglese and ended up very tipsy.

Friday morning we played for 250 Italian teenagers and it was great. From their laughter I would assume that their English was ok - they laughed at the spoken gags, not the projected translations. Afterwards we had a post show discussion with them.

In between both shows I drove to Parma airport to pick up Anna. A thick mist was setting over the city, and as a result her flight was diverted. When I went back to the airport two hours later (when she finally arrived), the mist had become denser, and the whole of Parma had become almost invisible.

In the evening a lot of the audience was delayed because of the mist, so we waited. The show went well and the audience enjoyed it. Iva recorded the show with the Italian subtitles, because maybe that way we can come back to Italy and tour around the country...

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