Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Plymouth luxury

We've arrived in Plymouth, have settled into our stupidly luxurious accommodation (I will post pictures at the end of the week, I wouldn't want you all to come down in droves to share our temporary richness), and have moved into The Drum.

Alex managed to buy a new lamp for the show, so the old one is now discarded, will not tour Europe with us any longer.

Tomas is with us as well, to rehearse Dave's part in the show. They'll be alternating this part from now on. Since we live in an enormous house, we can rehearse in the living room.

Fabulous as our house may be, I started off with calling the Gas Man immediately after I arrived. We could smell gas and didn't like it. So for the first 24 hours we were without hot water or heating. But now it's all been reconnected and it no longer smells of gas, so it's perfect.

Cat's been to visit us yesterday and Gideon (Tom Womwell, but already is a Tom so I'm using his other name) is coming to visit us later today.

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