Friday, 9 October 2009

UK tour so far

We are in Bristol. I really like Bristol.

On Monday we started off in Tonbridge, and played to a crowd of 280. It was great fun. It was also the first time in many months that we had the full lighting rig for this show. All the disco colours in their full glory. So I had a few moments when I ran out of hands to operate buttons or keys or drumsticks, but I got through it without big disasters.
On Tuesday we went to Peterborough. We had quite a tough get-in and worked until the moment we opened the doors to the audience, but the show itself was great despite the fun fair outside. I heard 'We Will Rock You' three times during the course of the show.
In Peterborough we found a very good and very cheap Indian restaurant. As I'm not getting paid to advertise, I feel there is no reason why I shouldn't: The Shalimar on New Road.

Then we were off to Sint Mary's, a place we know and love, so after the hick-ups in Peterborough, we were treated to a much smoother set-up and again a fun show.

Last night we opened in Bristol. As I said, I really like Bristol.
The Tobacco Factory is a great space for us. The only problem there is that we're not allowed any naked flame, which means no cigarettes on stage, but it also means no waving lighters to the tune of Winds of Change. A real shame.
Last night we went to a bar that sold peanuts for £3. I thought that was absolutely incredible. I didn't buy them, but now I wonder what could have been so special about those peanuts that made them cost as much as a beer.

Today I got a full tour of Bristol Old Vic and was taken up to the cannonball track right under the roof. It was a tricky place to get to (and a little bit scary), but it was fantastic to see this enormous construction just to create the sound of thunder.

We're playing two more shows in Bristol, so come and see us.

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