Saturday, 17 October 2009

The World of Tomas Mechacek

Last night. We just finished a fantastic meal Alex had cooked for us.
Someone starts talking about our departure from here and which people I will drive to the train station and at what time.
Iva goes through her train tickets. Tom grabs his wallet and takes out some train tickets.
'Oh no...' he says.

When Cat gave him is Plymouth-London tickets last Tuesday, he asked her if she wanted his used London-Plymouth tickets as a receipt. 'Euhmmm... yes, ok'. She didn't really need them as receipts as she'd booked them and already had the proper receipt. But she took them anyway.

Now, four days later, it seemed that Tom had given her the Plymouth-London tickets. Because in his wallet were the used London-Plymouth tickets.

If you think this sounds complicated, think again. This is just the start.

Alex texted Cat to find out what her memory of the events of last Tuesday night was. She phoned back immediately, but couldn't seemed to remember at first where the right tickets were now. At her house? No. In the office? No.
So where were they?

Alex hands the phone to Tom. We hear Tom say: 'I think we should share the cost of a new train ticket, as we're clearly equally responsible. You took them from me.'
'Yes, now that you mention it, I do remember there was the ripping of the tickets.'

We all burst out laughing. The tickets were not just in the wrong place, they'd been destroyed.

Cat advises Tom to buy the tickets today as they'll still be cheaper than buying them on the day tomorrow.

Phone call over.

Someone asks Tom where this ripping took place.
In our flat. Downstairs. We haven't emptied the bin yet as it isn't full yet.

Tom disappears to the downstairs flat.

there is one small bit missing

tom's making a very big train ticket

then finds out that one is a receipt, one is the ticket

done (apart from the one bit that's missing)

I guess he might have a fair amount of explaining to do, but this story is just too stupid to be a lie, so I think no ticket controller should doubt the validity of this train ticket.

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