Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Post 199

I've just noticed this is post 199 and I'm wondering if this means I should do something special for post 200. Right now I don't think I should, as the 100th post came and went without fanfare.

Gideon is with us now and had the full tour of our upper class accommodation. Just to set things straight, we don't usually stay in palaces: Travelodges across the UK have been tried and tested, as have very small and charming B&B's. We like variety.

Gideon and I found this door today. Theatre Royal is a proper big theatre, with Porridge on the proper big stage. I'm not from here and have no idea what Porridge is, but the guy from Extras is in it and I do know him. But as I haven't seen Porridge and probably won't get a chance to, I'm currently more impressed by this big door.

Just above the handle it has this tiny label:

They certainly didn't exaggerate. It is big and red, and it's a door. And it's by far the biggest red door I've ever seen.

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