Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Travel by Numbers 16: Plymouth-Ghent

Driving distance: five hundred and eighty six kilometres
Driving time: six hours and fifteen minutes
Tunnel time: twenty minutes
Total travel time: eight hours and two minutes
Idiot drivers: none

Doing the get-out in Plymouth we were parked next to a big truck. And we could easily image what our name would look like on a big truck.

I took the Eurotunnel, which has become very clever since I last took it. Last time I had to punch in my reservation code to get a letter to hang from my rearview mirror. This time, I pulled up at the check in booths and the machine automatically displayed my name. It must scan my licence plate or something, and I found it very clever and efficient.

Then again, I love the Eurotunnel. I think it's a fantastic piece of engineering. But I think I've mentioned that before...

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Alex said...

but elke, what about the cost? its great engineering but isn't it still loosing money?