Friday, 18 April 2008

It's Friday already

So to carry on where I left off, here's the new guitar:

But then there was the matter of the strap. The old guitar had holes drilled into it and a rope tied to it. It seemed a bit of a shame to drill holes into the new guitar, so the bass lost the battle and had to be drilled. Personally I think David just enjoys drilling holes into musical instruments...

We inadvertently set up a booby trap in the studio. It's in front of the door that is in use when BAC is using the front door, which right now they're not. Right on eye-level there is a metal hook (like from a clothes hanger) suspended from the ceiling. It's hanging from a black string, and there is never very much light in the space. So if anyone comes in the wrong way, bad things could happen... Every now and again we forget about it ourselves.

Today more people are arriving. Because tomorrow we start rehearsing Instant Epic.
So Elisabet is flying in from Oslo, Cassie is taking the Eurostar from Paris, Tomas and Katchenka are flying from Prague, Unai from Toulouse and Jill is taking the train (I think) from Birmingham.
Tomorrow all of them, plus all of the My Life With the Dogs cast, will start playing around on the studio floor. I wonder if they'll all fit. Or if they'll get injured by our booby trap. (I think I'll warn them).

But that'll bring us to next week, when Kjell will take over this job from me for a week. He said he can't wait to write about his drive from Oslo to London, through most of Europe. Or at least put up the pictures he took. I flew this time, and all I really have to report about that is that for the first time in my life I had a very smooth Ryanair flight where no one was rude to me and we even landed half an hour early. I also found out that Berlin early on Sunday morning is rougher than I thought it was.


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