Thursday, 17 April 2008

Post Press Night

Last night was press night. So it is quite possible that something will be written about us in a newspaper...
Before we started, we rehearsed the new bits a little bit more.

Last night I realised that this run is probably the first we do with this show where we can get feedback from people afterwards. Prior to this, we played the show in schools in Norway, where the audience (Norwegian teenagers) get whisked away to their next class as soon as the show is over. Of course we get an idea of whether or not they liked the show, but there's rarely a chance to discuss things further. And before that we were still in the progress of making the show, and didn't play more than 3 times in a row.
So now people tell us what they think. Sometimes it's helpful, sometimes it's confusing, but personally I generally find it very interesting.

We are also still investing in this show in other ways: it is time for a new electric guitar. Fair enough, I think, as I immediately sent David to buy me a new bass drum on Monday. So I guess he should have a new guitar as well, to match up with the new bass drum sound.

This is our gear:
my drum kit (it sounds better than it looks)

the guitar (which will be replaced soon)

By the way, the forest has stopped moving and has now disappeared completely.


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