Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Settled into BAC

NIE has settled in at BAC. When we all met on Monday there was a mix of overexcitedness (which officially does not seem to be a word, but I'm Belgian and will take liberties with languages) and nervousness, as we haven't played this show since November. We unpacked, and as usual some things had been lost in transfer. Battersea is a world of wonders when it comes to shopping, as you can see from Kjell's new tattoos. Being in the building at the start of the get-out for Mask of the Red Death makes the whole thing a very strange experience. Especially when you hear things like: 'the forest is moving'.
We changed over all of our European plugs to UK plugs (again - this must be the fourth time) and I fear that if we keep doing that, all of our equipment will end up having very short leads.
So we played a show on Monday night, and yesterday we made some changes and played another show. Some people told us the changes were good.
My personal mission yesterday was to find blanks for our gun. And I came to the conclusion that in the UK, it is much easier to buy real bullets than it is to buy blanks. In the end the National Theatre came to the rescue to cover the gap between now and when our new blanks get delivered (if you ever need them - the only way is to order them by phone). But at least David doesn't have to shout BANG! BANG! Which is good, because that would have been rubbish.

The past two days have been quite hectic, but I promise more pictures soon.

Groeten uit Londen,

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