Tuesday, 29 April 2008

A handful of shows

That's all there is left now.
So I think it's time to let you in on the best kept secret of Battersea: the Lebanese restaurant where we eat the best falafel around every night before the show. It's become like our own little ritual: rehearse some scenes, go and eat falafel, have some of those really sweet little cakes with coffee, go back to the theatre, tidy up and play.
Sometimes we are joined for coffee by Vado, our Brazilian barman.
Although probably not this week, as he is preparing for his own event during Burst.

In the meanwhile we are very busy discussing logistics for our next bits of touring. There will be cars, boats and planes, but we'll update you on all of that when it happens. Because before that happens, we'll spend three weeks in NY. It's safe to say that we're very excited about that, but right now, I'm still very excited about playing this show in London. By now it's quite different from the show we played two weeks ago, so if you saw it then, maybe you'll have to come and see it again. When we all leave after Saturday, we won't be playing this show for a while.

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