Thursday, 1 May 2008

Chaos for beginners

Last night things went a little bit wrong. Half an hour before the show we realised that our last Polish beer had gone missing. So I ran down to Asda and got some more. About 10 minutes into the show Iva broke her vodka bottle and left the stage covered in glass and water. Which Alex cleaned up while we carried on with the show. Another 5 minutes later Iva tried to get some sweets out of the little bag she has taped to her lamp, couldn't quite reach them and everything started falling out, leaving her make up powder (I'm sure there's a name for this but I don't have any make-up vocabulary, even in Dutch) all over the floor.
15 minutes later David got tangled up in the string for the key and ended up having to snap it, making the key fall down before its cue. Again, Alex solved that problem and pulled it back up.
Seeing David's funny walk while he was trying to work out what was stuck to his legs made me laugh. I guess real actors keep a straight face. But I'm not a real actor. Or: I'm not really an actor. Or: I'm a production manager who ended up on a stage by accident. So I laughed a little bit. But I'm at the back in a darkish corner, so I think nobody saw me laugh.

Anyway, I think yesterday was our clumsy day. Despite all of that, it was a good show.
And afterwards we had a Q&A with the audience, and someone suggested we make a show with a Bollywood actor who would randomly break into song and dance...

Three more nights. It still feels like this is week two, not week three. I hope NY doesn't fly by as fast as London has.

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