Thursday, 15 May 2008

Partying and Sightseeing

We just had our weekend, which was on Monday and Tuesday (ps: at our side of the world it is still Wednesday night, not Thursday morning). On Monday night there was a gala event at the New Victory and we were all invited. It was great. First there were drinks, mini hamburgers and lots of very nice small food, and then we all went inside the theatre. It's a lovely theatre (oh, I should probably mention it's not the one we're playing in) - old and beautiful. They were showing highlights of a variety of Broadway musicals, so we've now all seen a bit of everything. Well, not everything, not even nearly everything, but still.

Here's Alex and David getting ready for the show.

After the New Victory gala we jumped in a taxi and went to the next fundraiser: this one was hosted by a company called The Civilians (they're from NY and were in Edinburgh when we were there). There we saw a show of cabaret songs about communists and evangelists. It was very different.

Afterwards we wandered around the East Village and tried out some bars. Most bars are interesting, if not good.

On Tuesday Anna, David and I went off to Brooklyn in order to cross the bridge. I like Brooklyn a lot. So far I think it's my favourite place in NY.
This is the bridge. It's big.

We walked across the bridge and further downtown, via Ground Zero and Wall Street, into Battery Park. It was a very hot day so we sat on a bench by the water for a while (and got sunburnt). Then we took the ferry to Staten Island and on Staten Island there is a train that goes to Great Kills. Maybe next time I'll go there and check it out.
We took the ferry back straight away, because we couldn't quite work out what to do on Staten Island (other than taking a train to Great Kills, and none of us knew where that is), so we returned to Manhattan.

Today we had a school show in the morning and then had some food with Alex, who had to go back to the UK (though he didn't want to). Food in Chinatown, coffee in Little Italy, and then some of us went to Coney Island. It's the place with the very old roller coaster (you have seen it in films, they use it quite a lot as a backdrop). It's a strange place, which is called little Russia on the beach. There are definitely a lot of Russians there.

Even Starbucks translated their coffee menu into Cyrillic.

Tomorrow is theatre day. We're playing two school shows and then we're invited to go and see the tech dress of IJK, the show that will open soon in the main house of the New Victory.

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