Friday, 9 May 2008

Biscuits or Cookies?

Today we did a run through and a dress. During the run through a photographer from the NY Times came to take pictures and a lot of the staff of the New Victory came to see the show. One of the reasons they wanted us to do a run was to see how our English translates to a NY audience.
We didn't have to change much. But we had to change biscuits into cookies, as apparently biscuits over here are some sort of scone. And we had to replace 'Wehrmacht' with 'army', as over here the German name of the WWI army is not so well-known. We might have to change 'flat' into 'appartment'.
You say tomato, I say tomato...
But let's NOT call the whole thing off.

What I found quite strange today is, that being in a theatre all day doesn't feel any different, because a theatre is a theatre pretty much wherever you are (I might come back on that during our China tour, but that remains to be seen). But then when you step outside into the real world and have big billboards all around with flashing adverts, and you feel the humid heat as opposed to the humid cold, you suddenly realise where you are. This is not London, or any other European capital. This is New York. And it is different.

Alex pointed out that in New York everything is about food. I think he's right. There is food everywhere. Any kind of food. All available as takeaway.
And there is Starbucks everywhere. Literally everywhere.
My walk into work is five blocks south and I walk past three Starbuckses on that 5 minute walk. Surely there is no need for that?
Then again walking east this morning I ended up in one of the business districts of New York and found businessmen queuing for a pavement coffee cart while there was a Starbucks across the road - that didn't have a queue.
So I think there's still hope.

Right now we're all still overwhelmed/acclimatising/catching up on sleep, so any more detailed NY discoveries will take some more time.

Tomorrow we do an educational performance and opening night. And then we've officially started.
On or off Broadway - who knows. Geographically we're definitely on, according to the Village Voice we're off. Whatever it may be, it feels very special.

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