Saturday, 3 May 2008

Police Magnum

Yesterday I finally managed to track down our delivery that had been lost in the maze of BAC. It's a police magnum, and the plan was that David would use that in the show. Alex wanted louder shots. So I found the gun, had a look at it and then Kjell couldn't wait to try it out.
It's definitely louder. In fact, it's so much louder that we can't actually use it in a space as small as the studio. We'd get complaints. Kjell shot it three times and after half an hour the smoke and smell of buskruit (you might have to look that up, I can't think of the English word for it now) was still hanging in the space.
Then after the show Alex wanted to try it out but I didn't let him because there were still audience members having a drink. So he'll try it today before the show. So if you happen to be around BAC just before 8pm, don't call the police, it's just us trying out our new toy.

This afternoon we have a monster meeting about logistics. Where and how will things be transported around Europe between now and the end of the autumn. Which car is going where and who will take it there. We have three cars, each with their specific purpose (one carries 10 people but not so much luggage, on only has two seats but a lot of luggage space, and one's in between). And we have 6 shows on the road (one of which is still in the making but already has set), which will all have to be somewhere in Europe at some stage between now and December. We have storage space in Asker, Prague, Berlin and Cambridge.

So over the last few days you would have heard me and Kjell have conversations like: if the trilogy needs to be in Ireland in October, it should go along with the rest of the Helsinki stuff and then on to Germany or maybe Czech Republic in June, so that at least it's on the mainland.

After the monster meeting we will be playing our last show at BAC. And Vado will bring in the pictures he took. I will post some tomorrow.

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