Sunday, 11 May 2008

The shows

In the meanwhile we've played 6 shows (one for the New Victory staff and one open dress rehearsal, one for a school group and 3 for families). It is great to see how the New Victory has a big following and fill the seats every time.
The school performance was great: New York kids are clearly louder than European ones - in a good way. They arrive very well-prepared (thanks to the New Vic's extensive education programme) and are very serious about going to the theatre (we've been told). After the shows we had a short Q&A and people (adults and kids alike) really think about what they've just seen, which is great and very interesting for us.

The theatre has an enormous amount of staff members and we're gradually getting to know them and they're getting to know us very fast. It's come to the point that the ushers come and watch us when we play warm-up games. And they applaud whoever wins.

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