Monday, 19 May 2008

More people on stage

Today we had our first signed show. Candy and Robin joined the rest on stage to translate the show into sign language. They did a fantastic job, and I learnt a lot. I knew that sign language is different in different languages (not that that's ever made sense to me), but now I've seen proof of it. Robin would translate Aude into French sign language and then Candy would translate that into American sign language. The gesture for dead is definitely different.
I forgot my camera so I don't have any images, but if Robin and Candy agree, I will make some short video clips when they're with us next time (on Wednesday).

We never had a signed show. We were meant to have one a year ago in Edinburgh, but the signer ended up in the other space and signed Sgaramusch's show instead. It's great to have two signers, though, as I can assume it gets quite difficult if lots of people talk and interrupt each other.
But as Candy and Robin each 'played' different parts, it seemed quite clear to follow. They also changed positions according to what was happening on stage. So when Robin was translating Aude, and she was on the left of Tomas, Robin would be on the left of Candy.

All very interesting. And hopefully I'll be able to post some video on Wednesday.

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