Monday, 19 May 2008

Saturday in the big city

We had two shows yesterday and because it was the NY Food Festival, in between we could just walk down to 9th avenue and have an enormous choice of food stalls to choose lunch from.

After the second show, the Pagan brothers, Tomas, Anna and I decided to try out some burlesque. A variety of sources had pointed us towards the Slipper Room, so that's where we went. We didn't arrive there till midnight, and it looked like it had only just started.

There are some pictures of what we saw there, but considering children might be following this blog, I won't post them.
It may be enough to say that Tomas expressed disappointment after the first half and said that if burlesque didn't seduce or shock him, it was rubbish. After the second half we all agreed it definitely wasn't rubbish.

I have never seen anything quite as vulgar, and I'd have to think hard to remember when I last laughed so hard my stomach ached.

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