Sunday, 4 May 2008

It's Over

Everything is packed up in the van ready to go to... Belgium? Germany? Anywhere on the continent that's on the way East will do. But it will probably end up at my family's house in Ghent (Belgium) for a while. We'll go and get it some time in June.

I'm glad to report that our monster meeting went well and we cracked some hard nuts. The result is that I will pretty much fly from South-Africa (which is a holiday, not a tour) to the UK to pick up a van and drive it to Denmark. Before that we'll have three vans circulating in Europe, with different sets in them. In June everything we own (set-wise) will be in transit.

When we arrived at BAC after our meeting yesterday, we found a present. Vado, our Brazilian friend, had left us 6 CDs full of photographs he made of our show, and then some of his own work as a little extra. I'll ask him if I can post some of those as well.

Below are some of his photographs. (There are close to a thousand pictures, so I'll post a few in a few posts, but I won't post them all).

This is how our space looks before the show starts:

This is the state of the space at the end of the show:

This is snow falling in slow-motion.

In the meanwhile the last arrangements are being made with the people in NY, and we'll all travel on Tuesday or Wednesday. I'm hoping for some journey reports of the entire cast.


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