Wednesday, 7 May 2008


I'm in NY. And so are the Mobergs and Anna. We were all on different flights yesterday and all came into town pretty much at the same time. Today Tomas, David, Aude, Alex and Cat are on their way.

This was my journey: I started of at 6 am with a taxi from Brixton to Stansted (I was carrying a heavy accordion - that's the excuse for the taxi).
This is the back of my driver's head:

Got to Stansted far too early, but the weather was great so I sat outside with two coffees and then I checked in.

When you go to the States, you can't just go. You have to answer questions to everyone who crosses your path. Checking in was fairly easy, the only thing that required a bit more work was to convince them that the accordion does fit in the overhead compartment. They believed me in the end.

This was my silver plane:

There was almost no one on this plane, so I built a sofa out of two seats and a bed out of another three seats and had a very comfortable flight. They had some problems with the films, though, so instead they showed 8 hours of American sitcoms. I didn't care so much: I had a good book, my iPod and slept for hours.

I found this on the toilet:

Here we were flying over Greenland:

Once I got to NY, I went straight to the flat I'm staying at (well, about 2,5 hours straight - the theatre had recommended the supershuttle as I had more luggage than I could carry, but it wasn't that super and a woman got carsick as we drove into Manhattan, so it took a lot of patience). The flat is fantastic, I put my stuff down and went out to the theatre, where I was met by a lot of people whose name I've already forgotten. But I think they'll forgive me if I make an effort to remember them today.
I'm going back this morning to start focusing the lights and setting up our stuff, and tonight we're all meeting up there. Tomorrow we'll have a run and our first show.

I think it will take a while before I fully realise I'm in NY. For three weeks.

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