Friday, 16 May 2008

The East Village

Yesterday we did two educational performances, and the second group was very different from the first. Afterwards I found out that when we play at 4.30pm, the kids choose to go to the theatre, as it is an extracurricular activity. The house was as full as for the show in the morning, and even though the kids (well, teenagers, really) were not as rowdy as in the morning show, they were really with it.
During the post show discussion we got asked a question that left everyone speechless for a minute: 'where did Noam go when he died?'. Kjell was the one with the courage to answer and talked about the many deaths and casualties after the siege of Leningrad and how there wasn't really enough time or space to deal with them properly.

In the evening we went to the East Village and wandered around and had a few drinks.

We were meant to go and see IJK, the show that's opening this weekend in the main house of the New Victory, but their set got stuck in customs so they couldn't do the dress we were meant to watch. I'm very glad we didn't cargo our set. Then again we can actually transport this set as extra luggage, and I think the French company has a lot more set than we do.

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