Wednesday, 23 April 2008

We passed the test

This morning Kjell, Iva, David, Anna and I got up at the crack of dawn to get to the US embassy at 8am in order to get our work visas organised. As it said on the paper they sent us, we had to wait outside. At that time it wasn't raining too hard yet, but still. When we finally got in, there was more waiting, more forms, fingerprints, more waiting and then we were shifted on to another window to answer some simple questions. The woman who made up the questions (what's the name of your show, what's your favourite city to perform in in the UK, how long have you been part of this show,...) first had quite a lot of problems with Iva's and my name, and then completely gave up even trying when she got to Kjell's name.
She was very friendly and nice and it was great to get to the end of the system and find a real person.

Ah well, I guess that's how it goes if you want to go and play in the US.

It did make us all incredibly excited about going there. This has been planned for almost two years now, and it's finally getting close enough to be allowed to get excited.

By the way, Damon Albarn was there too. And some young guys who looked very much like they were a band, but none of us could identify them. Jill had warned us about the famous people at the American embassy. And she was right.

First though, we have one more Instant Epic to play and then 9 more My Life With The Dogs.
I like the mix. I like doing different shows. And I have the feeling the audience of Instant Epic enjoys getting an insider look into how we work and what we do.

Last night's show was short but good.
David's dance is an absolute winner.

Yesterday in Cambridge the sun came for what I think was the first time since we arrived in the UK. So we enjoyed it. We tend to have very long winters in this company. Last year at the end of April we were still having snow fights.

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