Thursday, 24 April 2008

Moving on

We finished Instant Epic, had a fun night last night and said goodbye to half of the team.
Elisabet is going back to Oslo (via Bradford, she said), Tomas and Katchenka are on their way back to Prague (with three full suitcases of costume and a golf bag we found), Cassie is returning to Paris, Jill's off to Birmingham, Tarek will still be in London and Unai will go back to his farm in Toulouse.

In the meanwhile Bob's on his way back from the north to start the rest of the My Life with the Dogs run now. We'll do a bit more rehearsing this afternoon (we've had a lot of feedback lately and we do listen to what people tell us and try and use their advice or thoughts in our further development of the show).

Vado, our Brazilian barman, took quite a lot of pictures during the show last night, so hopefully they'll make their way onto this blog soon.


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