Sunday, 27 April 2008

Where have the pictures gone?

First of all, I noticed yesterday that if I use Firefox the pictures I uploaded in older posts have disappeared. If that happens to you as well, just use another browser (I checked and they're still there in Safari or Camino).

Anyway, it's the end of week 2 and once again all I can say is that things are going very very fast. So are tickets - if you want to come and see us before we leave the country, book fast, as we are selling out quite fast. (In all honesty, we're in a 40 seater venue, so this is not about showing off).

Over the last few days, we made a new scene and tweaked some other bits of the show. According to those people who come and watch the show regularly, the changes we've been making have been good. According to us as well, but that would probably be a bit pretentious to say that. (Even though I've done it now).

To those people who wanted to come and see us on Thursday: we are very sorry we had to cancel, but it was for all the right reasons, and some things are more important than theatre. We don't like cancelling, but sometimes there is just no other way. We all hope you could get your tickets changed for another night.

This is our first day off in two weeks, and it arrived just in time. It would have been great if the weather had been better, but hey, we're in London. It is what it is.


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