Saturday, 7 June 2008

Being in Hanko

From Helsinki, I drove to Hanko, which was about two hours away. This is what it looked like on the GPS: the edge of the world...

I'd be the first one to arrive, as the others were all flying in the afternoon. When I got there, our technician Jan (Honza) was waiting for me. He said that everyone had been waiting for me to arrive, and they all wanted to make sure I'd had a good trip, had everything I needed, got a chance to look at the space, and so on and so forth. It was a very warm welcome. Two people were there to look after us specifically, and they were both Czech: Honza and Jitka.

While we waited for a rehearsal to finish, Jitka took me to the hotel, and I had a chance to look at Hanko. It's a tiny town, but it's very very beautiful. By the sea, with big wooden houses all along the beach. You could see the sea from the theatre. And the weather was still fantastic. What more could one want?

Checked in, back at the theatre they were ready for us. I talked Honza through everything we needed and then it was time for lunch. This was my view:

Everyone else arrived in the evening, and they all came over to unpack and I did some more technical work before we ended the evening with a drink.

The next day was a big one: two different shows with a few hours in between. Iva managed to find a beautiful new pisspot (the old one broke because the wardrobe with everyone inside it fell on top of it) and I sprayed over the new metal bits that have been used to reinforce the wardrobe. This is our old friend sunbathing:

The shows went very well and we had an incredibly warm audience for both of them. It made it even nicer to be in Hanko.

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