Saturday, 14 June 2008

The End of Everything Ruhrfest

Last night was our last night at the Ruhrfestspiele. They're still going today, but because there's a big concert in the park where the tent is, and it starts when we would have started, we left early.
So they had the last night party last night.
Or rather: it seemed like one of those secret parties where you need the right password. Our stage manager invited us (that was the password), to join the technician's barbecue after the show.

So we played (a very nice show), packed up (into our shiny new flightcases), and found our way into the basement of the huge building that is the Festival Theatre. The party was in the green room of the technical crew, and all technicians were there, as well as the people who had performed in and around the theatre.
Frank, our stage manager, was very keen on getting some live music going, so he got one of their gang to start, and in no time David, Nils, Tom and two of the Australians joined in.
It was a great party, and a great finish to a festival we'd never been to.

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