Sunday, 22 June 2008

Off to Hradec Kralove

Our show in Linz went very well, there were lots of people there and they all looked like they enjoyed it, so we packed up last night and drove to Prague.
This wasn't part of our original plan (we were supposed to drive straight from Linz to Hradec today), but it is so hot we decided it would be better to drive the bulk of the way in the evening. So apologies to the people we didn't say goodbye to.

Right now we are repacking vans in Prague and will be off soon to meet up with a lot of NIE and non-NIE people to do Instant Epic in Hradec Kralove.
Everyone is travelling: David, Tom, Bara, Nikita, Aude, Katchenka, Anna S, Lenka, Nils Petter, David C, Jerry, Jill, Elisabet, Unai, Alex, Bob, Kjell, Iva, little Anna, Sasha, Cat and I.
Later this week we will be joined for a few days by Kate and Honza (who will start touring with us as a technician this autumn).

On Thursday morning we will play the Song, on Friday and Saturday evening we will play Instant Epic. In the meanwhile we will just play.

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