Friday, 20 June 2008

Schäxpir Festival

Our first show in the Schäxpir Festival was in Wels, about 20 minutes from Linz. The theatre we played in was inside the hotel we were staying in, which was quite strange.
It was a huge old theatre inside a huge old hotel.

This was my room.

The show in Wels was our first performance in German. Here Nils is going through the German text with Iva and Florian (the man from Schäxpir who welcomed us and took care of us in Wels).

After the show we packed up and drove to Linz, where we had just enough time to check in and have lunch, and then we were off to the Landestheater where we had a half hour slot to rehearse the 10 minute excerpt from the show we would perform during the festival opening.
We had to think a little bit about how to do it in a standard theatre set-up (because in this show the audience normally sits on the stage), ran it, and went for a wander across the town square of Linz.
The opening was very nice, there were bits of a variety of shows, but because the festival runs until the end of next week, most of it was from shows that are on now.

After the opening there was dinner in the festival centre and a party. Linz is lovely.

Today we have a day off and tomorrow we play a public show at 3pm, and then it's off to Hradec Kralove for the last festival before our summer break.

PS: in the meanwhile, an other part of the company is in Peterborough, but as I'm not there myself, I don't know how they're doing up there.

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