Friday, 13 June 2008


So we've been in Recklinghausen since Monday night and have played three shows so far. It's a long festival (6 weeks) and this is the last week of it.
We play in a tent, and it's a very advanced tent. When we arrived, it was still very sunny and hot, so in between shows they open the remote control roof to let the hot air out and cool down the tent.
Last night it was very cold, but when I walked into the tent after the show before us finished, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the tent is heated.

This is our dressing room tent. We share it with the other two companies that play in the same tent. So far we've only met the company that is on at 5pm (we're on at 9pm). They're called The Suitcase Royale and are Australian.
The company that is on at 7pm seems invisible. After their show we never see them come out of the tent, and when I was there before the start of their show, I didn't see them either. They're a Swiss dance company.

We've been getting small but very appreciative audiences, and Nils is being a very good uncle, so all is going very well.
Tonight we pack up again and go home for the weekend. Yesterday I went to a small town close to Hannover to pick up 4 flightcases for our sets. It means we will get rid of some of the most battered suitcases we've been travelling with for years and move on to a next level of packing.

Next week we will be in Linz with Song of The Lost Treasures.

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