Friday, 20 June 2008

Driving to Linz

On Wednesday I drove from Berlin to Linz. It was a 7 hour trip, and this time I took my FM transmitter to listen to music I chose, because in all honesty, German radio is just not suitable for long-distance driving.
There are a few things I've decided during all of the driving I've been doing over the last two weeks.
1. there should be a way to make a GPS more personal. When it tells me to turn in 476km, I'd rather it said 'Just drive'.
2. on driving from Recklinghausen to Berlin on the A2, a road I've travelled many times already, I noticed for the first time there is a statue marking the former border between the BRD and the DDR.
3. on leaving Berlin on the way to Linz, I drive past my favourite part of the Berlin ring road: it has a very old, quite big rusty seating rake alongside the motorway. I guess it was used many years ago for people to watch big parades into the city. Or maybe not.
4. I think I am slowly becoming the love-child of the Deutsche Autobahn and the Norsk Bomstasjon.

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