Saturday, 7 June 2008

Going to Hanko

There have been no posts for a while due to us being in places where there is no world wide internet. Which can be a good thing sometimes.

So. In order to fill you in, this is what we did this week:

On Monday, me and Anna S flew to Norway to rehearse SOLT in German. Auf Deutsch.
When we arrived at Kjell and Iva's house, there was fish soup, and a lovely evening of catching up under the everlasting Norwegian summer light. And then we packed.

On Tuesday we spent all day (and it was a beautiful one) inside Asker Kulturhus and spoke German. On Wednesday Nils, Anna and Lenka rehearsed some more while I set off at the crack of dawn (not literally because the nights are white so there isn't really a dawn or dusk) to drive to Stockholm.
After about 7 hours I reached Stockholm harbour.

And this is my boat, the Mariella. It took me to Helsinki.

There was a great man who was in charge of getting the cars onto the boat, and he did it in an almost choreographed way. I had a little chat with him, in a mix of languages neither of us really spoke all that well, but it kind of functioned. You often meet very nice people while travelling. Some of them you meet again somewhere else, some of them you never meet again. But I wouldn't prefer one over the other.

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