Tuesday, 16 March 2010


After a long drive from Asker, we have now landed in Toftlund (you might have to check a map for this one). It's a very small Danish town that is home to a theatre and music school.
Kjell, Elisabet and I drove down from Asker and picked up Sjon, Alex, Kieran, Tomas and Marie at Copenhagen airport. Marie didn't fly in, but she lives in Copenhagen, so she met us with the others at the airport.
Then we picked up David in Kolding (he had taken a train from Hamburg).

We arrived in Toftlund and headed for the dining room, were dinner was being served. We got some instructions about the school, dinner/lunch/breakfast times, kitchen policies and so on.

Then we went to the hotel, which is just around the corner. It is a closed down Golf Resort hotel, and we have a series of two bed flats we share. There is no one else there (since it's closed down).

Margit would be arriving at 1pm, after having played The Three Sisters in Copenhagen. Initially she wouldn't be with us for the first 3 days because of her touring schedule, but she changed her mind and now she is driving down after the show to arrive in Toftlund after midnight, work with us in the morning and then head back to Copenhagen after lunch.
I might find all of the back and forth driving in between playing and rehearsing quite taxing, but Margit seems to possess an endless source of energy.

We watched some video we made on the boat, and it was fantastic to go back in time a little bit. And as Marie and Sjon weren't with us on the boat, there was a lot to be shared.

I started a website which will hold a collection of photographs and bits and pieces we are working with throughout the process. The site will remain a work in progress, as I will gradually replace and add material.

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