Sunday, 14 March 2010

Pimping the van

Yesterday (and today) we are having some time off prior to starting rehearsals for the Sea Journey.
So Kjell and I decided to do some work on the van.
We found out that someone had tried to break into the back of the van, which really disappointed me. I had always thought of Norway as an incredibly safe place, where you could leave the door unlocked without having to worry about anything.
That fairy-tale belief has gone now.

They didn't manage to get into the van, but they did manage to completely destroy the lock.

Still, we decorated some more anyway.

Kjell started with replacing the radio. I thought the speakers were completely rubbish and without bass, but we tested various combinations and it became clear that it was the radio itself that had no bass.

I went to get the extra bits Spleen had given to Iva and hung them over the rearview mirror (for which I'm planning to make something special later, seeing as there is no rear view in the van).

Kjell also bought me a coffee cup holder (I'd been complaining a lot about the lack thereof) - it's a Lacoste.

And last but not least I stuck on the sticker Lenka gave me.

Next stop Denmark. Let's see what there is to find in Toftlund...

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