Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Half Past Remembered...

... is the name of a song Corin Raymond wrote for/about NIE.

We're now all in Asker, rehearsing Past Half Remembered. 
Yesterday I arrived with the van and as I would never manage to get up the hill to Kjell and Iva's house, Iva met me down at the bottom of the hill to take the instruments up the hill in her car.
We nearly got up the hill... Very very nearly.

If you can't get up a hill on snow, the only way out is to back down. But Kjell and Iva's driveway has a tricky curve, and backing out on a curvy hilly driveway is not easy. So Iva got the curve wrong and got stuck in a meter of snow. Both of us got the shovel out to uncover the wooden box of gravel (which was also covered in a lot of snow). We threw gravel in front of all of the wheels and tried again. No joy.

So we decided to ask Anna and Aude for help.

In this case pictures say a lot more than words, so all I will add to this is that we spent an hour getting the car all the way to the bottom of the driveway.

After all of that we felt like we'd had a decent workout (with pushing the car, shovelling snow, getting gravel back and forth).

We made no further attempts at getting the car up the hill. We parked it in the car park next to the van.

Then Alex and Tom (Anderson) arrived and despite Alex' encouraging, I refused to attempt to get the big van up the hill.

We had an early dinner and headed to the office in Oslo for a music rehearsal.

We made Tom (Anderson) work very hard for a few hours and then called it a day around 8.30pm.
We had late dinner and waited for Tom (Mechacek) to arrive.

This morning we got up for an early start to attempt to guide Tom (Anderson) through the whole play.
Every now and again we got side-tracked because we were having too much fun reinventing some scenes. We got quite far through it though, and Tom (both of them) did a great job, so tomorrow we'll crack on, get to the end and try to run through the whole show.

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