Thursday, 18 March 2010

See the sea

We've settled into the routines of Toftlund's Theatre and Music School and our closed down hotel has reopened its golf course, so we are no longer alone. No one stays there apart from us, but some people arrive in the morning to play golf.
Yesterday afternoon, after Margit sped off to Copenhagen to be one of the Three Sisters, we headed west to see the sea. So we went to Rømø.


We drove onto the beach

And parked the car

David and Alex tested the water

I found Kjell's glasses, which he had lost in Asker

And then, after 10 minutes of the beach, we were cold and tired

In the evening, Kjell, Sjon and I drove to Fredericia to see a Brecht concert. The band was Laila and Symfobia, and they were fantastic.

Today we are working on a set of miniperformances we will play when Margit gets back at 4pm. (She's doing a matinee today, I think).

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