Sunday, 21 March 2010

Tales of Toftlund City

We've reached the end of the first week and explored some of our stories and experiences, and discovered most of Toftlund.

Work first:
On Thursday we worked in pairs or threes to present our journey to the rest of the group in a format of choice.


On Friday we formed two groups and made short scenes including at least two of the stories and one song we brought on board and using some sort of contemporary media, using some photos we'd made on board the Fort St. Louis.

On Saturday we went through all the music. Well, most of it - we ran out of time, as David was going home, Sjon was off to Copenhagen (the big city), Kjell was going to Asker for a birthday party and Tomas was flying to Prague to shoot an advert.

So on Sunday there were only 4 of us left in Toftlund.
Alex, Kieran and I went to check out the Ostsee at the east coast of Jutland.
It looks like this.

You might say this sea looks very similar to the one we visited last Wednesday, but the beach was a lot smaller for one, and it wasn't as cold here as it was at the North Sea.

Today the students of the Theatre and Music Hoyskole opened their show: Dreams of Alice and Kate. We're planning to go and see it later this week. They seemed in very good form when they showed up at the dinner table, and apparently all had gone well.
They're playing again at 10am tomorrow morning, but that didn't seem to hold them back from having a bit of an opening night party. Good for them.

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