Sunday, 14 March 2010

Exit Sweden, enter Denmark

We finished our shows in Stockholm and said extensive goodbyes to the technicians who'd helped us during the past few days. We all really enjoyed Stockholm and the C/O stage in the Stadsteatern, and are keen to go back there.

This is all of us on our stage.
We wanted our helping hands in the picture too, so we called them over.

The two extra people in the following picture are Ole and Robert, two of the technicians.
Daniel (the man who focused our lights, somehow didn't make it into this picture, but he is in the one below).

What I didn't realise until I loaded these pictures into my computer, is that Kjell tried to dismantle the space (presumably to take it with him). That's how much we liked it there...

1 comment:

Elin said...

thank you for a great show!

I'm the one who wrote the small note, hope you got it and soon will have the time to get in touch.

Would love some inspiration for my own work with devising.

untill then- take care!