Monday, 22 March 2010

Fun and games

Last night we borrowed a board game from the school. Liz and Kieran went to choose one and came back with Pictionary. We all agreed that was a great idea, until we opened the box and realised you do actually need to know Danish to play it. It has cards with words on them. In Danish.

So we played with Google Translate alongside to understand the words we were supposed to draw.

Liz was the first to draw, and I was meant to guess what she was drawing.
She picked a card, Alex set the timer on his iPhone (the hourglass was no longer in the box), Liz picked up the pencil and started drawing. After about 2 seconds she started laughing hysterically whilst drawing.
She laughed and laughed (and drew) for a whole minute, and I couldn't guess what she was drawing (mainly being distracted by her howls of laughter.

It was the Pink Panther.

After about an hour we were joined by Marie, Margit and Sjon, who'd just come back from Copenhagen. They were assigned to our existing teams and the game became louder and louder.
As we don't have any neighbours, we could be as loud as we wanted.

Our team (Liz, Margit, Sjon and I) won twice.

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