Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Powerpoint injury

We all made presentations of our journey with the pictures we took on the boat.
Some people used powerpoint, some used iPhoto slideshows, and some made an iMovie film. 
Elisabet worked on her presentation for hours and hours, until very late at night, and in the morning she woke up with a trapped nerved.
Damaged by Powerpoint.

Kieran talked about his secret agent parents and his career at MI12.

One of the stories Kjell told on the boat was the story of the Norwegian fisher girl Ella Mathisen. It is a heartbreaking and devastating story, and we tried to find a way to tell it.

We also played some of our old favourite games.

In the evening we went to see Dreams of Alice and Kate, the performance the students of the Musik og Teater Hoyskole made.
Liz went to bed early to try and cure her muscles.

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