Friday, 21 August 2009

5 Stars in Three Weeks: This show is special

Three Weeks don't really do stars as such, but they gave us 5/5.
This is what they said:

"We enter a strangely lit set, at once welcoming and sinister, and are unsettled to discover an assumed camaraderie between us and the bizarre characters on stage. We are then invited to 'imagine' the main actor is not a middle-aged Mancunian at all but a four year old Russian boy and are transported into a tale that is funny, tragic, shocking and achingly sympathetic to the characters (and the dogs, who are priceless). This total communication frees the audience of simply being voyeurs, and the production manages to convey the impression of haphazard spontaneity with precision. The music, played largely by the actors of this multi-national company, is also very emotive. This show is special.
tw rating 5/5"

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