Monday, 24 August 2009

Drunks in dresses

I missed a great photo opportunity on Saturday night. After our show, Iva was doing some work in the green bit of the Pleasance Courtyard and suddenly spotted her dress and Alex' hat outside our dressing room.
Two men who had clearly had too much to drink had gone into our dressing room and picked themselves an outfit. The red spotty dress clearly took their preference.
Iva went over and asked them to take it off and put it back, but they wouldn't. She then had to call security to get our costumes back.

It's no news to me that most men like wearing dresses. Whenever we have workshops with bags of costumes, most of the actors go straight for very tight dresses. There is a Belgian band who's frontman loves wearing dresses (and it's by no means a drag act).
It is new to me however that fringe visitors get drunk enough to venture backstage and walk out with costumes that are part of a show.

What if Iva hadn't been there? How far into Edinburgh would they have gotten wearing a red spotty dress and where would they have abandoned it?
And how would we have found a new one an hour before the show?

In the meanwhile I've played with the Sues for the very first time. I was very nervous initially, but then Hannah very courteously took all of my nerves from me so I felt much better.
As I'm now in two shows a day in the same venue, I would like to take this opportunity to advertise them both.
It's the last week of the festival now. Week 3, as they confusingly call it. In reality it is our 4th week here. I wonder who is trying to fool who with the fringe system of week numbers.
Take it from me, this is the last week.
You have 8 more chances to see My Life With The Dogs.
You have 8 more chances to see My Name is Sue (who got a 4 star review in the Scotsman today).
In fact, you have 8 more chances to see Hugh Hughes, who fits right in the middle.

A perfect evening in Edinburgh would be:
  • 5.30pm My Life With the Dogs
  • 7.05pm Hugh Hughes
  • 8.05pm have some dinner somewhere
  • 9.45pm My Name is Sue

There, I've laid it all out for you. All you have to do now is book and enjoy.

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