Saturday, 1 August 2009


On Friday we did a run through with Liz and Tom, who will be alternating Iva and David at some point in the future. It was rough and rocky, but they did great, considering they just watched rehearsals prior to playing their new parts. We've been working hard this week, so it was decided we would take an earlier break.

We had a meeting about Edinburgh, what still needed to be bought, how we would tackle the Royal Mile, the general daily routine, etc.

After dinner Kjell took us to the fjord to take some of us out on the boat. There wasn't enough space on the boat, so Cat and I stayed behind.
Before the trip could start, the boat had to be drained (it has been raining a lot this week), so Alex and Kjell got their feet wet.

They stayed away for quite a long time, so Cat and I were wondering if they'd capsized, or gotten lost, or hijacked by pirates, or if Kjell had just thrown them all overboard.

They did come back eventually, without fish.

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